Update TomTom One N14644 Map

How to Update TomTom One N14644 Map?

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TomTom has launched numerous navigation devices that have helped the clients by providing them the best navigation results. All the TomTomdevices are dependable and are anything but hard to use. There are several models of TomTomaccessible in the market to help customers with limited route results. One such device is TomTom One N14644. Furthermore, to advance your traveling experience in the United States, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, Switzerland, and New Zealand, they provide the fundamental TomTom One N14644 Map Update. These updates are simple to download.

When you update your device, you will open the entire latest highlights of the device, and it would similarly help in getting the definite route results. You can similarly visit our site and get complete answers for every one of the effects of this GPS device. All the information that we provide is authentic, and it is beneficial in the process.

Simple Steps for TomTom One n14644 Map Update

 We have given two methods to you which will be helpful for you to update your device. However, this relies on you whom one you would want to follow, as both of the below-mentioned methods are tested and simple to follow:

Method 1:

Before we start with the updates, you should install TomTom home to your computer from their official window. From that point forward, you have to interface your TomTom GPS Gadget to the system, and the TomTom HOME programming will notify you about the updates accessible.

  1. As you have the TomTom HOME programming introduced, tap login in the upper right-hand corner of the TomTom’s home screen
  2. Create a username and password if you are initially using the device.
  3. Subsequently, click Update my device in TomTom HOME, and your new map will be displayed in the list of updates.
  4. Now, you should click on Update and install.
  5. As you do so, the device will automatically begin with the download for the updates.
  6. Once the download has completed, click “Done” and wait for the updates to get installed.
  7. Now, you should click the blue eject button at the bottom right of TomTom HOME to disconnect your device securely.

Method 2:

  1. To perform this strategy, download the TomTom Home software on your system.
  2. Now, you should install the software.
  3. Subsequently, run the TomTom home program on your pc.
  4. Now, connect your TomTom device to the computer by a data cable.
  5. As you do as such, TomTom Home Software will perceive your device which is connected
  6. Now, it will display you the entire updates available regarding the device.
  7. Click on the necessary updates and the process of downloading and installing will begin automatically.
  8. Once you are done with the installation, restart your device again.
  9. After the updates have finished, you will be able to access the updated maps on the device easily.

Thus, the steps mentioned above will help you to update TomTom One N14644 Map without any difficulty. All the steps are real, and they provide entire solutions for the users. On the off chance that you face any problem simply contact experts.

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