Garmin is a popular brand that provides smart devices for daily purposes. However, the Garmin Nuvi 200 is a GPS navigator device that helps to reach a destination in the right direction. Therefore, you don’t have to rely on your Siri or Google Assistant anymore for the direction to a destination.

Garmin Nuvi 200 is one of the suitable GPS Navigator devices which is available in the market. Despite the reasonable price, it still comes with a lot of remarkable features to compete with the different products in the market.

Although sometimes you might find that there are some bugs or errors as well as there are some problems with the direction. You should know that this is not due to any issue with the device, but this is basically because of obsolete apps that need to be updated. If you are facing such issues and wish to update the apps that you are facing. Then you are in the right destination, as in this blog we will be discussing the process of Garmin Nuvi 200 update.

Features of the Garmin Nuvi 200

Obviously you would be asking why you want to update to the latest firmware. Well, you can explore the features you will be getting with the new firmware updates.

  • Garmin has added time along with distance to the route review page.
  • In addition, Garmin has also added an option for you to set the home location and the recently used list.
  • You will have the best label display on the map pages.
  • They have rectified the display of search results.
  • Now you can learn about off-road navigation because they have rectified it.
  • The backlight setting of the North Arctic Circle is fixed.

Process To Update Garmin Nuvi 200 GPS Maps

With all such latest features, you may want to update the firmware. Therefore here is the process by which you can update Garmin Nuvi 200. However, before you start with any of the steps you have to connect the Garmin Nuvi 200 device to the PC by USB that is provided to the box of the device.

Update Using the Garmin Express

  • You can go through the steps given below if you wish to update the Garmin Nuvi 200 with the help of Garmin Express.
  • Once you connect the device to the PC, download Garmin Express. However, if your PC has Garmin Express then you can skip this step. If not, simply open the official website and download the Garmin Express file and double-click on it to install it in the system.
  • Open Garmin Express, and then find your device and click on it.
  • Subsequently, the app itself checks for any updates. However, if there is an update, it will be displayed to you.
  • then select the complete important updates and click on install.
  • once the process is finished. Your Garmin Nuvi 200 is updated with the latest firmware as well as new app updates.

Then you will be assisted to install map updates and other important updates step by step. Follow the steps and you will successfully install the updates. Besides if you are facing any errors or bugs with Garmin Express, then you can simply check the Garmin Express Not Working: Fix.

Update Using my Garmin Account

On the other hand, you can update the firmware using your Garmin account. Here’s the process for it.

  • Launch the browser and enter the following address.
  • Now make an account if you don’t have any. Although if you have one you can continue to the next step.
  • Sign in to your Garmin account and make sure that your GPS Navigator Device is connected to the PC.
  • On the Home tab of the website, tap on the Register button. And then follow the onscreen commands to register the product you have.
  • Once completed, click on the Order Now and then download the complete new updates available for the device.
  • Click on the “Get Free Updates”, followed by clicking on the “Download” and then on the Next button.
  • Now you have to give the product key and then click on the Continue.
  • Ultimately, you have to go through all the on-screen instructions and click on Download and save the file in an easily accessible location.

Call Garmin Customer Support at PC Solutions for Assistance:

We wish that after following the above mentioned steps you would have performed Garmin nuvi 200 Update easily. If you experience any error or issue while doing so, contact Garmin customer support experts at PC Solution. The Professionals will assist you correct procedures for the same.