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Troubleshoot Google Meet Screen Share Not Working

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Fix screen share not working: We usually receive lots of reports on not being able to use the built-in or external camera with Google meet. They experience that the camera is working well with other applications but not with Google meet. The users can hold their video online meetings advantageous for the business. The major advantage is that you do not need any plug-ins to join the meeting.

Causes of Google meet screen share not working

If you feel that Google Meet is not working, then it is significant to know the causes that are the reasons of this issue. Well, if we see, there can be many reasons that can trigger this problem. Let us have a glance at some of the reasons that are a cause for the problem.

Outdated Chrome built:

The occurrence of the issue can be because of the minor glitch in Google Chrome. Thus, before you try to open a communication window, you get notified by the Google Chrome that says that the camera is not recognized. This issue can be fixed by updating Chrome.

Google Meet not authorized to use the camera:

There are situations when users do not get permission to use the camera. If you find this situation, then you can fix the issue by accepting the permission that will be connected to the webcam or by allowing it from the settings screen.

Steps that can resolve the bug to start a Google Meet at your Devices

Well, these are some of the causes behind if your Google meet is down. Let us have a glance at the steps you can take to get this issue fixed. You can also contact the customer service to get support with this.

Allowing Meet to use your camera:
The camera requires your permission to turn on, regardless of any browser you use. This has been the most general issue faced by millions of users. To make it work well, you have to look for it in the top-left section of the screen and tap on Allow. If you think you have accidently blocked the settings, then this can be rectified by clicking on the blocked pop-up icon available in the top-right corner of the screen. Then, you have to choose the toggle that will be connected with allowing the URL to access the camera and the microphone.

Updating drivers to the latest version:

  • To perform this, open the Google Chrome and then click on the action button in the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Then, click on Help and tap on about Chrome in the menu that will emerge.

Getting under the Chrome, you have to wait to know if you have the newest version and update it.

These are the steps that can help you fix your problem of Google Meet camera not working. You can take the assistance of a customer care executive to know more about this. They will assist you out with this.

Occasionally, you face the circumstance in which your Google meet screen share is not working and your Google meet camera is also failed. Well, the issue of the screen is very common nowadays. To go for fixing the issue, follow the steps that we are mentioning below.

Process to fix your Google Meet Screen Share not Working

Step 1. Attempt to use Google Meet with some other browser

The users are advised to use Google Meet with some other browser. Occasionally, the browser does not work suitably and the users have to face such type of issues. These issues can frustrate you and can also obstruct your work. For instance, you are attending a significant meeting and the screen is not sharing. Thus, you would not be able to focus on your meeting.

Step 2. Try to clear the browsing history

The old searches on your computer can occasionally be problematic as it cannot help you do some significant work. Thus, you are advised to clear your browsing history and this might fix your issue.

Step 3. Clearing the temporary files

The issues can also be fixed if you go for clearing the temporary files in your browser.

Get in Touch with Experts for Instant Resolution:

The above mention is the process that can be taken by the users. You can also take the assistance of the google customer support at PC Solution to know the answer of your query. They will provide you the best support instantly.

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