Brother is a multinational firm which manufactures top quality printers. But, like other electronic devices, Brother Printers are not free from issues. Brother Printer won’t scan is one such issue which is faced by lots of users. This specific issue may arise because of several reasons. You may experience that you are instructing the printer to scan a document but it fails to perform the instruction. This may arise because of several underlying reasons.

Are you suffering from the similar issue? Searching for the best methods to get rid of the issue? Here, in this blog, you can get the most effective hacks regarding your questions. Hence, you have to go through the complete blog and execute the solutions exactly as stated below.  

Common Reasons behind Brother Printer Won’t Scan Issue

It is highly feasible that you can face various issues with your Brother printer. If you are using your printer for a long time, then there is a high chance of getting this error. Let’s have an in-depth glance at the common reasons that are liable for this trouble.

  • Malware or Virus attack- If your system gets attacked by malware or virus, then it restricts you to finish scan. You are unable to scan and error message arises on the screen.
  • Outdated drivers- It is very much required to update the device driver on a regular basis. Upgraded drivers help to print and scan in a more suitable and correct process. An outdated driver won’t let the users to resolve the random bugs.
  • Hardware issues- It is also feasible to confront the Brother printer won’t scan issue if there is any trouble connected to hardware.
  • Apart from the above causes incorrect IP addresses, firewall confliction, wrong driver’s network settings are equally responsible for this specific issue.

Effective Solutions to Overcome Brother Printer Won’t Scan Issue

When you are going to perform the solutions, be sure that you don’t make any blunder. Any blunder can damage the device permanently, and that will make things even harder for you to resolve.

  1. Guarantee that the machine turned on and without any errors 
    After you turn on the Brother Printer and you notice that the screen is blank, then you understand that it is either off or in sleep mode.
    Now you simply have to click a button on the printer to wake it up from the sleep mode and guarantee that the power cord of the printer is suitably attached with the power supply or not and the switches are switched on. Examine the screen if there are any errors messages displaying the printer won’t scan on the screen then troubleshoot it.
  2. Examine your internet connection 
    Guarantee that your network connection is suitable, and examine your Brother Printer if you want to use the network scanning tool, in a hard network environment because it can only work by using a server computer, not by customer systems. If you get that connection is poor then your Brother Printer will not be able to scan. Thus check the connection and resolve it.
  3. Guarantee that the printer is available for printing –
    For doing this, open Printer Properties there you can find options, that how you can operate the printer for configuring ports, and doing other hardware connected customizations.
  4.  Initially click on the Start button and then choose the Control Panel.
  5. Subsequently, click on Hardware and Sound.
  6. Now, click on devices and printer.
  7. Subsequently, right-click on your Brother printer and then, choose Printer Properties.
  8. Now, click on the Print test page to confirm that your printer is available to print or not.
  9. Examine your Brother Printer’s Scanner driver
    1. Initially, open the scanner list by clicking on the Start < Control Panel.
    2. Now, type in the search box on Control Panel, the word ‘scanner’
    3. Then choose “View scanners and cameras”.
    4. Confirm that the scanner icon of your Brother printer exists, it is very much necessary.
    5. If you notice that the scanner icon doesn’t exist then you are suggested to install the scanner driver.
    6. You can find it in the Downloads section on the Brother website.
    7. Then you should download the Full Driver & Software package and begin following the instructions that are available.
  10. Appropriately check the IP address of your Brother printer
    If Brother Printer is unable to scan; you should obtain the IP address of your printer. You are suggested to print a network configuration list, which will available to you all the reports of entire current network configuration comprising the network print server settings.

By going through above mentioned solutions, you would be able to resolve Brother Printer won’t scan. In case if you are still unable to fix it, then it is best to consult professionals. Call Brother Printer Customer Support experts available at Pcsolutione so as to get best guidance to overcome this issue quickly & efficiently.