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How To Perform TomTom start 20 update?

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TomTom start 20 is the popular model of TomTom. With the passing time, since roads and buildings are constructing rapidly. Thus it also requires updating so as to give the correct and accurate path. If you are one among those, who are looking for Free TomTom start 20 update, then you have landed at the correct destination. Here you will get a detailed solution regarding the same so as to perform it easily.

Simple Steps to Update TomTom start 20

About MyTomTom

MyTomTom helps you manage the services & contents of your TomTom navigation device, as well as give you access to the TomTom community. You sign into MyTomTom on the TomTom website. It is a good idea to often connect your navigation device to MyTomTom to guarantee you always have the latest updates and maps.

Step 1: Setting Up My TomTom

To set up MyTomTom on your computer, perform the following:

  • Connect your system to the internet.
  • Open a browser and go to tomtom get started.
  • You may have to choose your country to continue.
  • Tap Get Started.
  • On the left-hand side, tap Download MyTomTom.

STEP-2: Connect System to your device and switch on 

Your browser downloads the MyTomTom support application that you require to install on your computer in order to connect your device to MyTomTom. Follow the commands on the screen if you are asked questions while downloading. When prompted, connect your device to your system using the USB cable. After that switch on your device.

STEP-3: Get Access my TomTom

 Once the MyTomTom support application is installed, you can access MyTomTom from the notification area on your system. When you connect your navigation device to your computer, MyTomTom notifies you if there are any updates for your device.

MyTomTom account

To download services and content from TomTom, you require a MyTomTom account. You can make an account when you start using MyTomTom. If you have above one TomTom navigation device, you require a separate account for each device.

Call TomTom experts at Pcsolutione:

If you face any difficulty in TomTom start 20 update, then simply contact experts. Call TomTom Customer Support at Pcsolutione to get quick support from experts. The professionals will guide you best support regarding the same.

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