How to Samsung Error Code u1-2315

How to Fix Samsung Printer Error Code u1-2315?

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Samsung Error Code u1-2315 is a consequence of corrupted fuser unit within the printer. When fuser unit is not suitably installed inside your printer, you may encounter this error. The best method to tackle such error is to reinstall the fuser units in the respective places. As the fuser unit is a hardware part of your printer, attempt to be cautious while resolving Samsung Error u1-2315.

Troubleshoot Samsung Error Code u1-2315 of Printer:

You may freak out when this error arises. The display screen displays nothing but the error code. Most people have no idea to troubleshoot Samsung Printer Error Code u1-2315. To their convenience, this blog contains the entire information they require for troubleshooting. You can also connect with Samsung printer Customer Support to get to the roots of the error.

  • Whenever this error arises on the display screen, initially you need to do is to examine the model number of your printer. You can attempt to bring new fuser unit back to home and change it on your own.
  • Confirm that the temperature of the fuser unit is normal. Because of excess heat in the fuser unit, this error can arise.

Step to Fix Samsung Printer Error Code u1-2315:

  1. Initially, turn you printer off and thus reinstall the fuser unit.
  2. Then turn the printer on after you are done.
  3. If the error still persists, turn the printer off and thus remove the fuser unit.
  4. Examine whether the fuser unit is connected suitably or not.
  5. Confirm that the input voltage is normal.
  6. Seek the damage within the thermistor.
  7. If the error still persists, order an SMPS/HVPS and Fuser Unit and install it as essential.

Contact Samsung Printer Professionals at PC Solution for Assistance:

We wish that after following above steps step by step, you would have resolved Samsung Error u1-2315. If not so or you face any issue while doing so, simply get in touch with Samsung Customer support experts at PC Solution. They will support you with easy and suitable steps to resolve the error code easily.

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