Resolve Email error 550 Efficiently & Quickly

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This blog explains Email error 550 and how to rectify them with the manual approach. If you get the error message 550 when the outgoing server (SMTP) does not know you as an authorized user, the sending of mail is rejected or returned. In this blog, we will tell you what error 550 is? What are the causes of this error and how to resolve this error? Thus let’s begin without wasting time.

Common Reasons behind Email error 550

There are multiple reasons behind the occurrence of this error code including:

  • Wrong SMTP Server settings
  • The email address was typed wrongly
  • System infected by malware or virus

Steps To Troubleshoot  Email Error 550

1. Check for email address typos

Email Error 550 can arise because of typos in an email address. Confirm the email address you entered is accurate, and there are no extra spaces or misspellings. There are also possibilities for the recipient to have provided you the wrong email address. Verify with them as well.

Along with that, examine whether your email address is entered accurately and your email has contents in it. Some mail servers will refuse an email that has no content in it.

2. Examine whether the email IP is blacklisted

If your email IP is blacklisted in a DNS blacklist, most of your emails won’t reach the receiver and will bounce instead.

If your email IP is blacklisted, it signifies either:

  • Somebody exploited the webmail application’s vulnerability and is uploading a spam script into it.
  • Somebody has access to your email account and is using it as a tool to deliver out spam messages.

3. Try sending email after sometime

There are possibilities that the recipient’s server is temporarily down because of numerous reasons. Notify the recipient that the server may be down, and inquire for an alternative email address or wait for a few minutes or hours till you try again.

4. Try changing your outgoing mail port

If your email application uses port 25 as an outgoing mail port, there are possibilities for servers to block the email as spammers use port 25 often to send spam messages. Attempt changing your port to 26, 465, 587 or 2525.

If you are using a firewall, you will have to confirm the change in port to allow traffic to pass.

5. Check whether IP filtering is enabled

Your SMTP server may be set up to authorize users from only a specified set of IP addresses. If that’s the scenario, you won’t be able to deliver messages from other locations. You can instantly fix this by contacting the admin of your mail server.

6. Troubleshoot the SSL method

As discussed, a majority of email customers use an auto-detect feature to set up SMTP. While setting up SMTP manually, there will be various combinations of SSL available, comprising:

  1. None
  3. SSL/TLS

During manual setup, you will require to confirm the SSL method used by the SMTP server and configure the email client subsequently.

8. Contact your ISP

If the above steps fail to fix your issue, then it’s recommended to consult your Internet Service Provider for assistance. There are possibilities that your ISP’s filtering system might be blocking your email.

If after performing the above solutions, you are still unable to fix Email error 550, then simply consult experts. Call professionals available at Pcsolutione so as to get the best guidance to fix error code easily.

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