OKI Printer Error Code 990

How to Fix OKI Printer Error Code 990?

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The error code Oki Printer 990 clearly signifies “a waste toner sensor detection error”. Whenever such a case appears, you can easily deal with it by placing a contact with OKI Printer Customer Support. You should correctly fix the OKI Printer Error Code 990.

OKI Printer used toner is a container in the printer that keeps the extra ink. Each time you change the cartridge, you should also replace the waste toner box. You will encounter such a waste toner sensor detection error when the machine can not recognize the toner cartridge or drum. The printer is no longer able to decide the quantity of ink actually left in the units.

Simple Solution to Troubleshoot OKI Printer Error Code 990:

  1. Whenever this error code arises, the most basic thing that you require to do is examine whether the entire blue toner levers are firmly pushed towards the back or not.
  2. As you are done with it, examine the sensor. Guarantee whether it requires to be cleaned or not. You can locate the sensor at back of the plastic cover on the side of the drum.
  3. Use a small & dirt-free cloth to clean the plastic cover & the silver arm.
  4. The sensor will be a very fine powder & must also be simple to move.
  5. Confirm that the sensor level on TS1 is pushed up or not.
  6. Clean the arm appropriately. Also examine whether the sensor level is pushed up as it requires to be or not.
  7. It is not set suitably, the machine will not pick up the sensor on the drum. Push the disc up to remove this Oki Printer Error Code 990.

Contact Experts for World-class Assistance:

We wish that after following above mention steps you would have resolved OKI Printer Error 990 easily. If not so or you experience any issue while doing so, then contact OKI Printer Support experts at PC Solution +1-9175805618. The professionals will guide you most suitable solutions to resolve error code easily.

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