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Complete Guide to Troubleshoot McAfee Error 1404

McAfee is the best antivirus that helps you to remove malware and Trojans. Thus, people can trust their services and depend on them. But occasionally errors can disturb the user’s mind. Well in this blog you will get to know more about McAfee Error 1404 and some of the ways to resolve this issue.

Reasons of McAfee error 1404

  1. The active program window crashes each time Error 1404 arises.
  2. Your PC much of the time crashes with an alike Error 1404 when trying to run a similar program.
  3. Windows delays to any action and runs slowly or restarts all over again.
  4. The Computer System often “freezes”. Thus, this will lead you to stop doing any work on your PC.
  5. Ongoing Installation or un-installation of any McAfee Antivirus connected program or documents may have corrupted the Windows files.
  6. Windows System records or McAfee Antivirus connected program documents have been influenced by any Virus or malware attacks. Although, you will not download any of the other programs.

After knowing some of the reasons behind McAfee error 1404, it is significant to know some of the solutions to get rid of it. Well in this blog you get to know some of the solutions that will help you to solve the issues.

Symptoms of McAfee Agent Error 1404

  1. Whenever the Error 1404 arises the active window crashes.
  2. The PC starts to crash regularly with the same Error 1404 whenever you try to run the same program.
  3.  Display messages arises like “Systems not running VSE 8.8 with Hotfix 660014, but are running Host IPS 8.0 with Hotfix 660568” on the screen.
  4. The major symptom is when you see that the windows respond really slowly to activity and runs sluggishly or restarts on its own.
  5. The final symptom is the freezing of the computer system regularly.
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Steps To fix McAfee Antivirus Error 1404

To resolve McAfee error 1404 follow the steps mentioned below. Occasionally it is seen performing the troubleshooting steps gets progressively more hard and time-taking. Thus follow some of easy fixes recommended by expert to avoid unnecessary wastage of your valuable time.

  1. Initially repair the registries that are linked with the error 1404.
  2. User can also start a complete malware scan to resolve the antivirus error.
  3. Reinstallation or updating the device drivers may resolve the error because occasionally due to old or damaged drivers your device may face these types of errors.
  4. The system junk cleaning up and the Disk clean up also resolves the error, system junk damages the device system and it also causes effects on the antivirus software, thus the user must regularly clean the junk to resolve the error.
  5. The suitable utilization of the windows to restore the system to undo the recent system changes helps in resolving the error. It is one of the effective solutions.
  6. A user can also run the windows system checker to find the error and to resolve it.
  7.  Installation of entire windows update also resolves the error. Updates help to run the device in a smooth way.

Hopefully, you would have resolved McAfee error 1404 of your own. In case you experience any trouble, then simply consult experts. Chat with McAfee professionals available at our site for quick resolution.


Q) How to delete entire McAfee files?

A) Simply download and install “Revo Uninstaller”. Once after you have uninstalled McAfee and ran its removal tool, restart the device. When the OS loads again, run Revo Uninstaller as administrator and select the option “Force Uninstall“. Click on it and enter McAfee.

Q) Is my McAfee antivirus up to date?

A) Tap PC Security. Click Update McAfee App, now click Check for Updates. Wait for the update to finish. A message enables you know that you are up to date.

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