Lexmark printer error code 241.10

How to Troubleshoot Lexmark Printer Error Code 241.10?

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Issues in printers are one of the most common problem. There are nearly billions of printer users available whose work completely depend on such devices. Many Lexmark users recently report for Error Code 241.10. Well, this is not a tough task we will assist you with simple method to fix Lexmark printer error code 241.10. There are numerous reasons for such error code. But don’t bother, we will sought it out easily.

Simple Steps to Fix Lexmark Printer Error Code 241.10

Go through the troubleshooting steps mentioned below in sequential order in order to resolve the error 241.10 which shows because of a paper jam.

  1. Initially, you will need to take a paper tray 1 out of the printing device.
  2. Then, seek jammed sheets inside the printing machine and try to print again.
  3. If the paper jam persists, check whether the sheets are being fed out of the paper tray or not.
  4. If no paper is passing from the tray, then attempt to remove this error once again.
  5. After doing this, you will require to examine the path where the tray goes in.
  6. Search for brown colored rubber rollers and clean them suitably. Use a dry cloth or tissue to clean it and therefor try to print again.
  7. If it yet does not pull any paper, this means the feed rollers may be worn up.
  8. Change the tray one again and replace the rubber tire from the roller.
  9. Be Cautious, don’t damage the rubber tire during this time.
  10. If everything works well, you do not need to remove any parts of the printing device.
  11. If, after trying everything, if the printing device yet does not feed papers out of the try, you require service.
  12. If the paper is being fed, but the paper gets struck within somewhere, the printing device removes the paper tray one again.
  13. Look into space where the paper tray goes and look up of the front of the area.
  14. If any small piece of paper is stuck around any of the rollers, change it. Be cautious while working with rollers. Do not damage it further.

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