Windows 10 is the latest version of the Microsoft software, these versions and updates the software and prevents the risk of security on stake.

Steps to Update Windows 7, 8 to Windows 10

1- Create a backup 

You will have to create a backup or store your files so that you do not lose your important files.

2- Download windows 10 creation tool

Download windows 10 creation tool from the Microsoft, safe the creation tool when it’s downloaded.

3- Open the media creation tool

Now run the file you downloaded, Select “Yes” when the window pops to confirm the User Account Control.

4- Upgrade windows 10 

Read and accept windows upgrade, once you accept you will be brought to a new page asking you to upgrade or create installation media.

install windows 10

A new page will appear asking to upgrade or to create installation media, click the radio button and upgrade the desktop or PC. Now you will have to wait till the windows are getting downloading in the desktop or PC. 

5- Choose to Upgrade your PC Windows 10 New Update

Select the radio button alongside “upgrade this desktop now. Click the next button at the bottom right to allow Windows 10 to download on your desktop or Pc.

6- Wait for the Windows 10 to download on your device.

7- You will get an option to select what you want to change,

– It can ask for 

A – Keep the files and apps you want.

B – Keep personal files only.

C – Do not keep anything.

 8– Initiate installation – 

Now click on install button to start installing windows 10 on your desktop, in this process your desktop will restart several times.When the windows 10 has be installed successfully, you will be brought windows 10 which will allow you to configure settings. Once it is installed the windows 10 will be activated automatically. if Any Problem to Upgrade Windows 10 Chat With Me.

CONCLUSION: You can easily Upgrade Windows 7 or 8 to Windows 10 for free and it’s absolutely functioning, only if you have running license and active copy of windows 7 or windows 8. If you face any issue you can contact us.If you need assistance, you can go to the consulting page and chat with me for any problems you face regarding any Desktop.