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How To Troubleshoot Printer Offline Issue?

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Having a Printer Offline Issue is one of the most terrible experiences of having a wireless printer.

Earlier, your printer would be connected via USB cable to your computer or laptop. And you don’t have to bother about any wireless connection. Currently, printers from your local retailers don’t even include a USB cable. And nearly 90% of them have wireless capabilities.

Of course, this doesn’t take away the pros of having a wireless printer which lets printer owners print from several devices.

It’s just annoying for us printer owners to have our printer go offline from time to time. But why does your printer keeps on going offline again and again?

Common Reasons behind Printer Offline Issue

  • Bad Internet Connection
  • Public Connection
  • Devices Are Connected To Different WiFis
  • Walls and Long Distance Connection
  • Connected To The Wrong WiFi Frequency

Solutions To Resolve Printer Offline Issue to bring it back Online

Solution 1: Power Cycle Devices

When you find that your printer is stuck offline, you must power cycle devices including the computer and printer instantly. This solution can fix the issue most time. What you require to do is to switch off the computer and printer for a moment.

Tip: Please guarantee that the printer is fully turned off and not in power saving mode instead. If you are not confirmed, you can unplug the printer and wait for 30 seconds before plugging it again.

Now, switch them on and wait for them to get connected to the Internet. After that, check the status of the printer is online or offline now.   

Solution 2: Run the Troubleshooter

If the printer offline Windows issue arises to the Windows printing subsystem, running the troubleshooter may be helpful. The troubleshooter utility often helps users resolve some Windows connected errors like the unidentified network, ethernet not working. Hence, it is best to try it. Here are the steps for it.

Step 1: Open Windows Settings, and now click Devices on the main page.

Step 2: Click on the Printers & scanners option below the Devices list, and then go to the right side of the page to find the printer that is in offline status below the printers list. Select the target printer and click on Manage from the provided options.

Step 3: In the next window, tap on Run the troubleshooter. Then, the utility will run automatically to detect and resolve any troubles with the printer. Follow the on-screen commands to complete the whole operation.

Solution 3: Set Printer Online Manually

Though the printer is online and connected suitably, you can yet encounter the printer offline error if the settings are configured wrongly. In this case, you can set the printer online manually to resolve the printer offline error.

Step 1: Open Control Panel and hit on Devices and Printers.

Step 2: Right-tap the printer below the printers list that you are using and is stuck in offline status and uncheck Pause Printing and Use Printer Offline from the prompted menu.  

Solution 4: Check Printer Port

The wrong port configuration is also liable for the printer offline issue. However, this solution possibly is only available for a networked printer that has an IP address. And the feasible reason is that the printer IP address has changed but the port configuration is not modified.

Step 1: Find out the printer IP address from the network configuration page and then visit the Devices and Printers part of the Control Panel with the steps in solution 3. Right-click the target printer and tap Pinter properties.

Step 2: In the next window, tap the Ports tab and drop down the Port list to find the port that has been checked. After finding it, tap Configure Port at the bottom right of the window to go on.

Step 3: You will find the port name and IP address in this window. Compare them with the one which you searched for. If there are any differences, you must update the IP address in here and then click Apply and OK to perform and save the change.

Solution 5: Reinstall Printer Driver

It is possible that the current print driver causes the printer offline issue. If so, remove the current printer driver and download the newest one to install from the manufacturer’s website. To remove the current printer driver, go to the Devices and Printers section of Control Panel with the steps in solution 3 and then right-click the faulty printer driver and select Remove device.

After that, follow the on-screen commands to finish the operation. Now, open the latest printer driver and install it according to its installation guide.

We hope that after going through the above-mentioned solutions you would have resolved the printer offline issue. In case if you have any trouble while performing the above solutions then simply consult experts. Call Professionals available at Pcsolutione to get the best guidance to fix the error code easily.

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