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How To Troubleshoot Brother Printer Not Printing?

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Printing from PC is the most common process particularly in an office. Thus, when the printing machine suddenly rejects to print, a flow of delays and operation issues arise.  Here are some effective solutions, to Troubleshoot Brother Printer Not Printing issue. In addition, you can take complete guidance from Brother Printer Help team.

There are several reasons why a brother printer doesn’t print. It contains insufficient toner levels, paper jamming, worn outs, or interior jams or outdated printer drivers.

Effective Methods to Troubleshoot Brother Printer Not Printing

Guarantee the printer’s power source-

When the printing machine has sufficient power, LED lights are lit.

A stable LED light on the power option displays that the printing machine is on.

Once the error lights begin burning or blinking, it shows that printer error. Examine the icon/option that signals error. It might be a paper or toner error.

If no lights are on regardless of being connected, examine your power exit or reconnect the power cable. Mostly printer problems have resolved simply by disconnecting and reconnecting the power cable.

Check the connection between brother printer and System–

Confirm if the connection between PC and printer is safe. Reconnect if essential.

Examine if PC has connected to the printing machine. You need to open the entire devices and click on the brother printer model.

Authenticate status, if it has established as a default printer. If not, you require to add the printing device and set it as your main printing device.

Examine the access point and router shared by printer and PC. Confirm that the Ethernet cable and manage access point settings suitably.

Check if the printing device status has stopped, Brother Printer Offline or not set as default.

Make sure if the printer driver is updated-

Outdated printer driver can cause lots of printer problems.

You require to update the printer just by downloading the latest version from

 a.) Using downloaded utility driver

 b.) Visiting brother printer website.

Do a Cold Reset-

If everything is well but your Brother Printer not printing from PC, you require to perform a cold reset. A cold reset or network factory default setting removes the recent settings and the entire archives. Thus, it is the best to set a backup before applying this solution. Whenever you face technical glitches with your brother printer, all these are the effective solutions you can try before calling a certified technician or Brother Printer Support team at Pcsolutione. Before facing another issues, you require to connect with online printer technicians to get instant solutions.

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