How to Reinstall Google chrome on PC and Mac

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Chrome and its Importance

It is very important to reinstall google chrome in the PC and Mac, because it is the fastest web browser, It has V8 and JavaScript engine. It also loads web pages faster, the web chrome has speed, simplicity, Security, Customization, Signing in.

Reinstall google chrome browser

Reinstall Google Chrome Browser

You will have to restart chrome by clearing browser cache, updating chrome and by resetting chrome to its default which might fix Chrome browsers problems.

If you are not able to get access go your chrome settings, It will be because your chrome got corrupted. To fix this you will have to delete Chrome from your desktop or PC and reinstall it.

Steps to Reinstall Google Chrome and Windows on desktop or PC

Firstly you will have to uninstall the google chrome browser on the windows PC, close all the chrome browser and follow the given steps.

chrome setup exe file
  1. – Go to your computer settings and select Apps.
  2. When the nest screen appears, search chrome in the search result and click on Uninstall button.
  3. After the chrome is uninstalled, visit to google chrome’s website and download the latest version of google chrome browser on your desktop or PC.
  4. Once the chrome gets downloaded you will get an option to select the location for chromeSetup.exe file and select save.
  5. Then you need to double click on the downloaded chromeSetup.exe file.
  6. Now the Google chrome will start getting installed on your PC or desktop, Once the chrome browser is installed, you can add chrome icon on the task bar so that you get easy access to browse.

Steps to Reinstall Google Chrome on Mac

Reinstall chrome browser on Mac by follow the step below,

  1. – Select the Finder icon on your Mac.
  2. Then select Application in the left panel. In the right panel, right click on Google chrome and select Move to Trash option in the menu.
  3. When the chrome gets uninstalled, go to google chrome’s website and install the latest version of Google Chrome on you Mac.
  4. When the chrome gets downloaded open googlechrome.dmg file by double clicking on it.
  5. Now move Google chrome to the Application folder on your Mac. You will find that the google chrome has be reinstalled and you can use it.

If Google chrome is not working after reinstall

 If you still notice that chrome is not working after reinstallation, It means there is a problem (Malware) with program on your desktop which is effecting the functioning of Chrome browser.

You can remove the malware by downloading Chrome clean-up tool or you can even reboot your computer in safe mode, you can clean the malware using antivirus software installed on your Desktop or PC.

These are the basic and easiest steps to Reinstall Google Chrome on your desktop or PC, If you still face any problem you can get in touch with us by messaging us, We are not available on calls.

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