safe relationship during covid 19

How To Safe Relationship During Covid 19 Lockdown ?

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Safe Relationship During Covid 19 Lockdown: It is inevitable that as a result of Covid-19 lockdown relationships are going to be tested. The lockdown to some couples will force them to deal with problems or confront issues they have been ignoring. Hoping that your relationship is healthy and supportive, below are some of the things to do to keep your contact during the lockdown healthier.

Try to work out things bothering you

It’s essential to communicate your feelings, especially when your partner does some things that are irritating to you. Since many people have been keeping themselves very busy by maybe going to the gym or whatever, now they cannot do that due to the lockdown imposed by governments. Living with their partners, 24/7 is making them realize some disturbing aspects in them, so communicating out is much essential.

Check-in with each other daily

Planning for the next day with your partner during this lockdown is very vital. It is also essential to note that your partner is not experiencing the same range of emotions that you are facing. It would be crucial to avoid questions like: “What was your day like today?” This kind of questions makes your partner feel bored

Appreciation and Gratitude

The lockdown has exposed many couples; hence none will be going to perfect partners during these evil days of lockdown. It is suitable for one to thank each other on either excellent work done such as washing dishes cutting grass, making sure that the house is clean or else for any effort made. As challenging as everything is right now, there’s a lot to be grateful for. Sharing a few things that you’re thankful for every day is very important. The more gratitude one partner expresses, the more you find reasons for appreciation.

Be Conscious About Time Spent Together.

During this lockdown, the time that one will spend together with their partners is much more. As much as you love your partner, this can lead to tension and frustrations. Giving each other space during the date is very important, for example, if you’re both working from home, carving out separate workspaces is very important. During the day, you can limit verbal communication by maybe communicating by texting to carve space.

Keep Your Communication on

Before relationships start, there is usually a lot of chatting and teasing between the two. However, with time it fades away. During this lockdown, it is Advisable to bring back the excitement. The communication must be robust by either messaging, calling each other to bring back the fun into your relationship. Regular contact makes the relationship strong and also brings in more spices in it, which will help ease the lockdown boredom.

Final thought.

As much as relationships tend to be beautiful in the beginning, the excitement dies with time. This not because one falls out of love, but because life takes U-turn and goes back to being healthy and ordinary. Keeping g in touch with your partners during the lockdown is the best way to get your romantic lively.

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