How To Fix Epson Printer Error Code

How to Fix Epson Printer Error 6000 ?

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Are you worried because your Epson printer is showing error 6000 and you cannot print the important document? Don’t worry we will give you solutions. Error 6000 is the indication of paper jam issue with pins or other objects. It’s a common issue can be fixed effectively, so you need not to worry at all. In other words, you can fix Epson Printer Error 6000 by just following these simple tips.

5 Effective Tips to Fix Epson Printer Error 6000

Tips #1 Checking Paper Tray

Stay watchful and make sure the error 6006 occurs all of a sudden when you command printing when the tray is covered. It can be the issue of an external object placed nearby. Remove any physical object lying in front of the gadget. Once done, try again.

Tips #2 Checking Pieces of Paper

If the first trick fails, adopt the manual steps. Make sure if any small pieces of paper in the printer, or a tiny object to fix this issue is preventing block the paper feed tray from opening. If so, remove them.

Tips #3: – Turn OFF Printer

Turning on or turning off your printer can also fix the issue. Follow the below instructions.

  1. Turn ON the printer followed by giving printing command
  2. If the issue continues, turn off the printer and power off
  3. After 5 to 6 minutes, turn it ON Printer followed by commanding to print again
  4. Make sure if error is resolved

If not, go ahead for the next tips.

Tips # 4: – Cleaning the Encoder & PrintHead

  • Encoder:Take a soft cloth and clean the encoder strip. Maybe a small miscellaneous object creates the problem and displays Epson Printer Error 6000.
  • PrintHead: Now head out for the PrintHead cleanliness. Clean it for smooth functionality.

Tips # 5: – Checking parts of the Epson Printer

Even after following all the tips, the Epson Printer Error 6000 persists; make sure the printer parts that are working correctly. The issue may be due to issue in these parts:

  1. Feed roller ass’y QL2-0925
  2. Timing slit disk film QC1-6229
  3. Logic board ass’y QM2-3078
  4. Timing sensor unit QM2-2683
  5. Paper feed motor QK1-1502
  6. Platten unit QM2-2923

If any of these parts are not working properly, you should get it repaired it soon. Or, the condition of your Epson printer will go from bad to worse. It is recommended to contact PC Solutione experts.

Any Issues to Solve Epson Printer Error 6000 Chat With PC Solutione

Chat and Call PC Solutione to get instant support and fix Epson Printer Error 6000. Decide your time to call us as we are available any time. Since we have qualified and experienced technicians, fixing the issue is not a big deal. Our engineers will guide you to fix it or take your printer on remote and resolve the issue themselves. They can resolve any type of issues related to Epson printer. Therefore, call us not and get immediate solutions to fix Epson Printer Error 6000.

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