Canon Printer Error E02

How To Fix Canon Printer Error E02?

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Canon Printer  Error E02 can be encounter because of overheating in printhead. Such an error code also may arise when the paper is not place into the input tray in a suitable way. In case of experiencing this issue, you require to contact the experts to avail fruitful Canon Support at your door-step. Alternatively, you may also remove this error of your own by following the tips provided here.

Canon Printer error e02 is one of the most common errors face by the users repeatedly. Generally, such an error code arises when the device is running out of paper or might you have placed the papers incorrectly inside the paper tray. Hence, adjust the paper suitably into the input tray. Confirm that there is sufficient paper loaded into the tray. If still you are getting the similar error problem, keep on reading this blog.

Solutions To resolve Canon Printer E02 Error

Follow the below-given instructions to fix Canon Printer Error E02 within a couple of minutes. Have a look on the noted points:

  1. Flip through the papers before loading papers into the printer paper tray to confirm that they are not sticking to each other. If they are, then instantly change the faulty papers.
  2. Remember  to align the edges of the sheets before loading them into the paper tray of the printer. This will help the printer to pick papers one at a time.
  3. Papers should not exceed the paper load limit mentioned on the canon printer itself because it will result in a paper jam. Printer rollers might also pick up multiple sheets of papers that will harm the printer. The maximum load limit of papers in the front tray is nearly hundred sheets of papers and fifty sheets in the output tray.
  4. Always load papers in portrait orientation rather than landscape orientation. Paper loaded in landscape orientation leads to a paper jam or e02 error.
  5. While loading papers confirm that the paper print side is facing down. It is useful in first-class print quality.
  6. When you have completed loading paper, use paper guides on both sides of the printer paper tray to align the sheets.
  7. Choose the paper size using the paper choose button on the canon printer. You can use canon printer software installed on your computer to select the correct size of the paper.
  8. Now try to print from your computer or from printer to examine if the canon printer error e02 is resolved or not.

Even if after performing above steps you are still unable to resolve Canon Printer  Error E02, then consult professionals. Call Canon Customer Support professionals available at Pcsolutione so as to get best support so as to fix error code easily.

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