Canon Printer Error b504

How To Fix Canon Printer Error b504?

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Do you experience Canon Printer Error b504 while working with it? You have landed at the correct destination! Before knowing the method by which you can resolve the error, you need to understand the basic reason behind it and then work accordingly.

Reasons of Canon Printer Error b504

It usually arises with the printers that the print head if the printers get overheat and may undergo self-destruction. This error arises when there is no flow of ink to the print head to keep it cool. Thus, it possibly arises when the cartridge is completely dry or no ink is flowing through the cartridge. So when you decide to insert in it a new cartridge, it happens that the printer does not find any ink available in the printhead, and that is the time when it reports the error b504.

Thus, this is the basic reason behind the error code. Now, here are some solutions mentioned by which you can resolve this error in your printer.

Steps to resolve Canon Printer Error b504

Canon Printer Error code b504 is a type of error which demands instant fix. If it is not  fixed instantly, you may begin facing serious issues with your printhead. Thus, here are the steps that you require to follow to resolve your Canon Error b504.

  1. Initially, turn your printer off, thus unplug the entire power cords and cables.
  2. Subsequently, open the front cover so the print cart moves manually.
  3. If your print card is not moveable, then plugin the entire power cables and switch in the power of your printer. Once done, again unplug it  and shift it to a movable position.
  4. Now, detect the cartridge that you are wanting to change or replace. For this, keep your index finger on that cartridge and click on the fastener.
  5. As soon as you listen to the sound of the click, the cartridge will eject out.
  6. Once you are done with this process of cartridge replacement, then shut the front cover of the printer and restart your printer by plugging in back the entire power cords.

This solution will certainly help you to resolve the Canon Printer Error code b504. Even if this solution is unable to solve this issue, then simply consult professionals. Call Canon Customer Support professionals available at Pcsolutione for instant support.

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