In this article, we will tell you how to fix paper jams in HP printers. Nowadays, every household has a printer, but most of them are HP. The greatest thing about HP is that its reliability is very high. Talking about the ranking, HP is ranked as the 58th largest United States corporation by total revenue, and it’s also the 2nd largest personal computer as of January 2021. It operates in 170 countries, and it uses the power of ideas put together to work for everyone, everywhere.

Key Points to Remember

  • Check the paper tray to see if there are any loose papers. Softly remove the papers to clear the jam.
  • If there is no jammed paper in the HP Printer tray, remove the sheets jammed in the roller and remove the rear access door.
  • If the print carriage cannot move freely, additional paper jams could happen.

How to Clear a Paper Jam HP Photosmart 6250 or HP Deskjet 3050 Printer Paper Jam Error? 

Clear a Paper Jam on an HP Inkjet Printer

Steps 1- Check the Paper Holder.

  • The place where a paper jam is most likely to happen is the paper tray. Remove any loose paper you find in the paper tray. If any paper becomes trapped while being fed from the tray into the printer, carefully remove it.
  • If this was the only area where paper became stuck, press the resume button on the printer.
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Steps 2- Remove the Inkjet Printer’s Rear Access Door.

This will allow you to look inside the HP printer to check for paper jams. There should be a lock that you can turn to unlock the door and remove it.

  • Any paper that has become stuck in the rollers at the printer’s back should be removed. Ensure that all of the paper has been taken out, including any ripped or scattered pieces.
  • Reinstall the printer’s rear access door. Press the Resume button if there isn’t any additional paper jammed in the printer.

Steps-3 Open the inkjet printer’s front lid.

How to Fix HP Printer Paper Jam Error

To reduce the chance of harming the printer, carefully remove any paper or remove any remaining paper jams.

Steps-4 To ensure proper operation, examine the print carriage. Fix the paper jam in the HP printer.

From one side of the printer to the other, it must be allowed to travel freely.

  • Remove the power cord and move the carriage from side to side slowly. If it is jammed or hung up, do not try to force it.
  • If the printer carriage is not moving freely, turn the rollers inside the printer three times with your fingers. Make sure everything inside the printer can move freely without getting trapped by rolling it upward.

Test the Printer to Verify that it is Printing Correctly and won’t Jam Again.

  • Refill the paper tray with ordinary inkjet paper.
  • Hold down the resume button until a test page starts printing.
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