Garmin Error Code 0200

How to Fix Garmin Error Code 0200?

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Garmin Error Code 0200 is a most common occurring error that users generally face. In order to know it, you will have to understand the working of Garmin’s products from the Sports, Wearable, and Outdoors categories.

These “Devices” are designed mainly to track your fitness, sports and related activities which can be used for attaining your respective goals. As such, you carry or wear these devices, they record the relevant data. Thus, you can view and share this data from your Smartphone & System. In this process, user-friendly apps like Garmin Express and Connect also play a significant role. 

In other words, your registered Garmin Device is hooked to a Smartphone/ system etc. which contains a pre-installed Application. When connected, your Device syncs with the Application, it transfers the recorded data from the Garmin Device to your system. 

However, sometimes, this process fails. To put it differently, the data on your Device doesn’t sync to your system over the Wi-Fi Network. Garmin Device searches for the available WiFi Network but is unable to connect. As a consequence, you receive a message on your Device saying “Cannot make connection to the Wi-Fi network. Error Code 0200.”

In short, Garmin Error Code 0200 is a Wi-Fi Network Failure Issue which you receive when trying to sync the data of your Garmin Device. 

Causes of Garmin Error Code 0200

The cause behind recent occurrences of Garmin Error Code 0200 is a technical malfunctioning in the software of your Garmin Devices. This happens because of the technology upgrade of the connected devices like your Smartphone/ Computer etc. Because of this upgrade, software of Garmin Devices experiences compatibility issues. 

Steps to resolve error code 0200 in Garmin Device

  1. Initially, open a Web Browser on your Computer. 
  2. Visit“”.
  3. Right-tap on this webpage.
  4. Choose “Save As”.
  5. After that, save this file on your Desktop with the name “general-ca-bundle.crt”.
  6. Then, connect your Garmin Device with this Computer. 
  7. Subsequently, move the “general-ca-bundle.crt” file from your Desktop to Garmin’s Folder. You will locate it by visiting Device Name>Primary>Garmin”.
  8. After that, disconnect your Garmin Device.
  9. As a consequence, this file will install on your Device and fix the Garmin Error 0200 issue.

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The above mentioned steps are quite simple in order to resolve Garmin Error Code 0200. In case if you have any issue or problem in performing the above steps, then simply contact experts. Call Garmin Customer Support at Pcsolutione +44–1143602535 to get instant and quick support from professionals.

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