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How to Update TomTom Map for free?

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Updating TomTom maps hold their significance. To experience a safe journey getting the latest TomTom GPS updates is essential. It becomes more important to be on time on the job if you depend upon your GPS for your routine travels.  With time, there is rapid growth or construction of buildings and roads, thus it becomes mandatory to perform the TomTom map update. In this article, I would have given detailed information for the process of free TomTom map update. Have a look at it.

Advantages of TomTom Map Update

Advantages of TomTom Map Update


For correct details about the route, the users are recommended to get the TomTom GPS updates.


TomTom GPS map provides a practical and correct representation of the roads.

Offline Maps:

In the case of a bad internet connection, the offline map feature keeps the Journey on track.


TomTom GPS device is better recognized for its features and is the best quality GPS navigation.

Process for free TomTom map Update:

TomTom users can register for free with its Map Share program and download new updates without paying any penny.

Step 1: On your PC, initially download and install the latest version of the TomTom Home program. You can download this program from the official website of TomTom.

Step 2: Now, visit your device’s Main Menu and click on the ‘Map Correction’ option. Then choose ‘Join Map Share.’ Now choose the verification level that you require before any update is added to your TomTom device.

Step 3: With the help of USB cable, now link your TomTom with your computer. Your device will automatically download the latest updates and any other updates made by other users once connected with your PC.

Step 4: Click “Map Corrections” from your GPS to manually enter your corrections to the map. Modify the name of the streets, reverse the direction of the traffic on a map, or add a point of interest. Also, report other different errors on the map. Any rectifications that you will make will be verified. After that it will be shared with other Map Share users.

Still unable to update TomTom Maps………

Dial TomTom Customer support for assistance:

Occasionally, TomTom doesn’t update because of various reasons. Traveling with an old map can be irritating. Technical glitches are bound to arise with the regular usage of a device.

Occasionally a user may experience several errors while updating their maps, and there can be issues within your device or its software. Whether you are using a device with Life Time Map, wish to purchase a new map or want to update an existing map, we can assist you.

Whatever kind of problem you are facing with your TomTom device, we can fix it in minutes. We have a certified and knowledgeable technical team who are available at your service for round the clock to address your GPS related issues.

Thus if you are facing any issue while getting the free TomTom map update or getting any errors in updating other software, then it is recommended to get in touch with TomTom Customer support experts at PC Solution to get instant support.

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