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8 Simple Steps for Free Rand McNally GPS Update

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It is significant that the users should perform the Rand McNally GPS Update on a regular basis. By performing this activity, a user can use the entire features of the products that Rand McNally provides to its customers. There are several solutions that this company offers to the customers and while using the products if you face some kind of problem then you must visit our website.

Rand McNally is a trustworthy company in the market which helps the users by providing several GPS products. There are many products offered by this company and the entire products have a distinct quality in them which helps them in making their ride or tour very smooth and hassle-free. If you are seeking steps for Free Rand McNally GPS Update, then read the entire article.

Steps to update Rand McNally GPS

  1. Initially, download the Rand McNally software on your computer.
  2. Wait for a few minutes till the download finishes. Then install the software.
  3. When you have downloaded and installed the software. Then, power on your GPS device.
  4. Soon you would get a prompt notifying that your GPS is connected.
  5. On your computer you would get Rand McNally opened automatically.
  6. This will open, Rand McNally Dock menu, Search for the green arrow. This green arrow signifies if map updates are available or not.
  7. Tap on green arrow now and it would download the updates then.
  8. Finally, Rand McNally automatically updates your GPS Device and installs it too.

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