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How To Fix YouTube 500 Internal Server Error?

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Youtube error 500 is one of the more ‘generalized’ errors in HTTP which signifies that something is wrong on the server. Though, the server cannot pinpoint the accurate issue of why the error happened. Whenever this arises in YouTube, it possibly means there is more than a team working to resolve the problem.

The 500 error signifies that there is ‘nothing’ wrong with your end and the problem possibly lies with the YouTube servers. This happens extremely rare and if it does, the problem generally disappears after a few minutes of downtime

Reasons of YouTube 500 Error

It is told YouTube is making an effort on taking some security measures to secure piracy and other website threats, like deleting copyrighted content, blocking users from downloading videos, and so on. These measures would cause YouTube 500 internal server error. If it is not the issue of your devices, do not try to configure or reconfigure elements.

In contrast, if YouTube 500 internal server error is not resulted by the website server, you can resolve the error according to its real causes, for example:

  1. Your browser is not up-to-date, which can’t effectively perform the speed or security measures of the recent technologies.
  2. A mess of cache and cookies are collected on your website. You should know, the page with complete or broken cache and cookies could result in YouTube error 500
  3. Repeat and often click the screen when the network connection is poor and the web page is not refreshed.

Process to fix YouTube Error 500

You may wish to contact YouTube support team to help fix the issue. But there may be thousands of YouTube users around the globe running into this problem. In this situation, YouTube support are too busy to depend to you. Contacting YouTube support must be your final option. Before that, you can attempt the following easy methods. You can try them in sequential order until the problem is fixed:

Method 1: Refresh the page

The error can last temporarily. Thus the initial thing you could do is refresh the page to see if the error is gone. To refresh the page, you simply require to press F5 on your keyboard.

Method 2: Restart your browser or switch to different browser

Restarting browser always function when there’s something incorrect with loading webpage content. Thus attempt to restart the browser.

If the problem is not fixed, use another browser to watch the YouTube video.

Method 3: Restart your router

When you can’t connect to the internet because of a server error, you can always try to restart the router.

Method 4Use Chrome as your browser (Delete entire cookies and clear the cache

To prevent known issues of YouTube, it’s advise to use Chrome to view YouTube videos.

If you’ve been using Chrome, try to delete entire cookies and remove cache:

1) Initially, Open Chrome Browser.

2) Right-tap on the “Customize and Control Google Chrome” icon in upper-right corner and tap Settings.

3) Below Advanced, tap Clear browsing data.

4) Clear the cookies and cache from the starting. Guarantee the item Cached images and files and the item Cookies and other site data are chosen. Then tap CLEAR BROWSING DATA

5) Finally, Restart your Chrome and check to notice if the problem is resolved.

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If you’ve tried the above mention methods and the problem still persists,try the final solution i.e. contact YouTube support. The YouTube support could be reached by phone at anytime of clock. Once you dial our toll-free and Chat With Our PC Solution Experts, you will get connected to the experts who have years of experience in resolving YouTube major and minor issues.

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