Epson Printer Not Recognizing Ink Cartridge is a very common issue experienced by many Epson printer users. Receiving this error message can be most annoying because ‘’Ink Cartridge does not recognize error’’ usually signifies that the printer not printing. The reasons for this issue are outdated printer or faulty chip, missing or wrongly installed cartridge. In order to troubleshoot this annoying issue, go through the step by step process till the end.

Simple Steps to Troubleshoot Epson Printer Not Recognizing Ink Cartridge

  1. You require to remove or install the unrecognized printer ink cartridge. Shut the printer lid, and if the problem still persists, simply repeat this process before proceeding forward to the next step.
  1. Try to remove entire ink cartridges and check the cartridge chips, they should not be dirty or inky. If they are, simply wipe entire chips with a clean tissue. Subsequently, you must input the printer cartridges back in your device. And when the ink cartridges are still not recognized, proceed to the next step.
  1.  You require to remove entire ink cartridges, shut the printer lid, and turn the device power off. Then, power the printer back on and fit only the not recognized cartridges. After that, close the printer lid wait till the printer is checking ink cartridges. And if the device now recognizes the ‘faulty’ cartridge, fit the entire ink cartridges back and close the lid. And when the issue still persists, you need to repeat this procedure again. Proceed on to the next step, if the error persists.
  1. The original printer cartridge set will be the right option for removing this issue, simply try to install that set. And when the error ends, it means that not recognized cartridges might be faulty. Proceed forward if a similar issue is still there.
  1. You would have to remove the entire cartridges and check on the chip contacts. Usually, Epson printers use a series of thin gold plated wire contacts that can get corroded, or it might stick to the chip when there is ink contamination. Or there are possibilities that the wires get bent, or pulled out.

In case, if you are unable to fix Epson Printer Not Recognizing Ink Cartridge, then simply consult professionals. Consult Epson Customer Support Professionals available at Pcsolution for the best guidance.