Epson Printer Error E-01 is a type of fatal issue. This is indicates that the printer has not complete finished the self-test process. When you power on the printer, it starts checking for all systems connected to it.In case the printer is unable to finish the self-test process, you will see the E-01 Epson Printer Error message on the printer display.

Don’t fret if you come to meet this error. Our helpful guides you will assist you to fix Epson Printer Error E-01. Go through this blog.

Smart Trips to Troubleshoot E-01 Epson Printer Error

  • Step 1: Your first step includes turning on or off your printer power button. Then unplug the power cable for minimum 5 minutes. After that plug in the power cable and put the power on to check whether the error code still appears.
  • Step 2: in this step, you need to ensure if you have removed the transportation lock of the printer completely. Managing the lock of your printer. And then proceed to store the transpiration lock very carefully.
  • Step 3: Don’t fail to manage the CD tray if it is ejected. When you press the CD tray button, make sure the tray reaches its original storage position. It is advisable not to either pull or push the tray as it will go to the wrong position.

Once you are done with this, turn off the Epson printer and make sure that there is no paper left. If a paper is left, it may lead to paper jam issue.

  • Step 4: Your next step is to check the printer cartridge. If you have installed the printer with the CISS, ensure that the carriage can be moved easily to its left and right side. But before moving the printer, make sure you have close the scanner appropriately. Or it will break down.
  • Step 5: Make sure to install original Epson ink cartridges and then proceed further to run the printer. If your printer is installed with CISS, chances are ink tubes are preventing to move carriage from left to right. So, install original Epson ink cartridges.
  • Step 6: Finally, you should clean all its paper feed sensors, optical sensors, encoder strip and disc encoder.

Chat Pc Solutione to Fix Epson Printer Error E 01

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