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How to Fix Canon Printer Error B200?

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Fix Canon Printer Error B200 with handy Solution

Printers are the most necessary and significant device. All kind of document work mainly rely on Printers. For the featured printers Canon Corporation is always the first choice. Quality printing with superior inbuilt is what Canon printer recognized for. While working on it occurrence of major or minor issue is quite common. Most of the users raise questions connected to, How to Fix Canon Printer Error B200. Well this is not a big problem which can’t be resolved. To help those needy users we have shared this article.

Solutions to Fix Canon Printer Error B200

Here, we are going to discuss various methods to fix this annoying and time-taking error. This makes work loss which depend on Printer. Follow all the mention solutions as it is.

Solution: 1 Using the Printer Carriage

  1. Initially, disconnect the power cable from the printer.
  2. Then, open the print-head bay.
  3. After that, turn the printer on and see the print carriage inside move to the left.
  4. Now, wait for the print carriage to go past the halfway point inside.
  5. Close the cover of the bay prior the print carriage reaches the other side
  6. Finally, leave the Printer turned on and the issue must be resolved.

Solution 2: Updating the Drives and Software

  • First, update the Canon printer drivers
  • After that go to the Devices and Printers option by searching for it in the Search bar or the Settings menu.
  • Once the section opens, right-click on the printer and select Properties.
  • Later, navigate the Maintenance tab and tap on Deep Cleaning
  • Once the above process is completed, perform a Nozzle Check from the Maintenance tab and confirm that the Canon printer B200 error is resolved.

Solution 3: Resetting the Printer

  1. Initially, turn off the printer.
  2. After that, wait for a few minutes.
  3. Next, switch on the printer again.

Solution: 4 Replacing Ink Cartridges

Using low quality ink cartridges can also lead to Canon Printer Error B200. Occasionally, not in line with the printer’s necessities may cause the printer to malfunction. To resolve the technical bug always purchase the standard prescribed cartridges.

Solution: 5 eliminating obstructions

To fix Canon Printer Error B200 switch off the printer and remove any obstruction that might be stopping the printer cradle from moving rightly. However, as the error are not connected to obstructions, further steps require to be taken to resolve Canon printer error B200. Depending on the nature of the cartridges (2 or 4+), the means to deal with the issue varies.

Call Canon Printer experts for quick resolution:

We hope after following above mention steps you would have resolved Canon Printer Error B200. If not so, then get in touch with Canon Customer Support experts at PC Solution to get suitable solutions to resolve the error.

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