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How to Troubleshoot Epson Printer Error Code 0xf1?

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Epson printer is the popular printing device among the users just because of its remarkable features and high quality of printing solution. Despite being a remarkable printer, few errors can also happen. One most common error that users usually face while doing a print job is Epson Error Code 0xf1 and because of not having enough knowledge you can’t troubleshoot by your own. At that point, rather than wasting time here and there, keep your eyes feast at this blog. You will come to know all the efficient reasons and its solution in a handy way.

Reasons of Epson Printer Error Code 0xf1

Following are the basic causes because of which you one can experience Epson Printer Error Code 0xf1. Have a look:

  • This arises because of entry of corrupt registry in your computer
  • If there is any paper jammed inside the tray
  • Because of using an outdated Epson printer driver
  • When the Epson printer is not the default one.

Solution to Resolve Epson Printer Error Code 0xf1

Here we come up with the efficient solution of such printer error issues. Thus, have a look on the noted points and go through each step accordingly:

Solution 1: Set Epson Printer as a Default One

Making your Epson printer as default one can fix this error code. Thus, follow the mention below steps to do the same:

  • Initially click “Start” button and then tap on “Printer and Faxes” to open the printers folder
  • Now, examine if your Epson printer is set as a default printer
  • Right tap on the “Printer” icon if it doesn’t have a checkmark next to it
  • Now provide a tick on the option ‘Set as Default Printer’
  • After that right-click on the printer icon again, and tap on ‘Print Test Page’. It will then print the Windows self-test page.

If the Windows test page is printed effectively, it signifies the error 0xf1 disappears. But if you are still getting the similar error problem, go to the next provided solution.

Solution 2: Clear the Jammed Paper

Because of a paper jam issue, your Epson printer might refuse to print anything and during printing an error code 0xf1 arises. Thus, guarantee that whether any paper is stuck inside the paper tray. Clear the stuck paper instantly if you find any.

Solution 3: Reinstall the Epson Printer Driver

If you are using an out-of-date printer driver for printing, there is a high possibility of getting such an error code. Thus, guarantee that the driver is updated. If it is not, reinstall the updated printer driver by following the mention below commands:

  • Visit “Devices and Printers” section on your computer
  • Then, right click on the “Epson printer” icon and choose the option “Remove”
  • Subsequently, restart your PC and try to add the Epson printer in the previous menu.

Solution 4: Resolve the Problem through Printer Troubleshooting

Just, run the printer troubleshooter to remove this error code. Go through the mentioned below steps to do this:

  • Tap on the Start button and then visit Control Panel -> Troubleshooting > See all the options on the left -> Choose Printers
  • It takes no time to resolve the error.

Call Epson Printer Customer Support for Quick Assistance:

If after following the above mentioned solutions, you are still experiencing the Epson Printer Error Code 0xf1, then simply contact experts. Call Epson Customer support at Pcsolutione +1-2176364745 to get quick and best support from professionals.

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