Corona Virus Lockdown News Update in UK

Corona Virus Live Update News in United Kingdom

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Coronavirus live update news in UK: COVID 19 which is consider to spread mainly from one person to another. It mainly spreads through respiratory droplets produce when an infected person sneezes or cough. This virus originated from China and today entire world is suffering from it. It has an adverse affect in UK too. Lots of people have died because of it. Thus Government has decided for completely lockdown.

U.K. Countrywide has been under lockout since 23 March in an effort to slow the spread of coronovirus. But the closure of schools, shops and businesses has come at a huge economic cost. The government is under pressure to relax confinement.

Here’s what happens next:

When will the U.K. remove these restrictions?

Not for at least another three weeks, and it may also take longer.

In March, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he intend to “turn the tide” on the virus within 12 weeks, which would take us into June.

Neil Ferguson, a professor at Imperial College London and members of the government’s scientific advisory group, states that until a vaccine is develop, a form of social distancing may be necessary – which is several months away.

Will There be Phased Changes?

Reports recommends that the government is considering a staging approach, under which it would allow some schools and businesses to reopen in early May, and gradually relaxed restrictions on people leaving their homes.

Restaurants and pubs are likely to reopen later in the summer, and restrictions may also be lift by age group. Young people probably able to go back to work earlier.

How will the Government Determine Whether to Lift Restrictions?

Johnson and his team told they are being guided by the scientific evidence of the SAGE. It is monitoring data points like rates of infection & death rate. Scientists are keen to see the virus’s transmission rate drastically before relaxing measures.

The government has conducted five tests that need to be completed before lifting the restrictions:

  • No risk of second peak of virus
  • Able to meet test and personal protective equipment (PPE) supply demand.
  • Decrease in infection rate
  • Continuous and constant decline in daily mortality.
  • Has adequate capacity to ensure national healthcare

So far, the government has ensured that the NHS has suficcient beds. There are indications that the death toll may be at its peak. But it is still far from meeting its target for processing 100,000 trials. It is struggling to guarantee that health workers have an adequate supply of PPE.

Who will Make the Ultimate Decision?

The US government operates on the principle of collective responsibility. Thus, in principle, the cabinet will arrive at a decision by consensus. But there are signs that the top minister is divided to lift the lockdown quickly.

Over the weekend, Cabinet Office Minister Michael Gove said he welcome a “public debate” on the question of how and when the shutdown should be lifted, but Health Secretary Matt Hancock has consistently warned against discussing the matter until deaths and infections have been further reduced.

The tension is around limiting damage to the GDP, which in turn has a considerable loss to human in the form of unemployment and poverty, and halting deaths from the virus.

Will Johnson have the casting vote?

The Prime Minister is currently recovering at his field residence in Checkers after being hospitalize with the virus. It is not doing government work, but is being kept up to date on developments.

Johnson is said to be particularly cautious about the risks of a second wave of the virus. He suggests that the UK lockdown could continue for some time yet.

According to me this is an excellent decession which would play a significant role in stopping this infectious disease.

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