Canon Printer Error Code 5011

How To Fix Canon Printer Error Code 5011?

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Printer plays an important and major role in transferring the data into papers. It accepts the graphics and text directly from the system and converts it into A4 size paper. Currently, Canon provides several latest and excellent features which complete the requirements of organization and businesses in one place for example printing, faxing, scanning, Xerox and many other functions. Apart from features, the company produces different Canon printer models at affordable prices. But someday somehow, some errors emerge on the screen while using the Canon printer. These errors many times, are a cause of irritation for users. One such error is Canon printer error code 5011. Although it’s a common error which is encounter by many Canon printer users across the world.

However, this Canon printer error code 5011 usually arises on the screen whenever there is any defect in the printer cartridge holder which is utterly jam in the printer and because of this it shows an error code 5011. Though, this kind of error often arises on various Canon printer models and this is a sort of malfunctioning Canon printer issue which limits the users from continuing the scanning procedure. However, quickly resolving the error code 5011 is very essential for a smooth printing experience with the Canon printer. We are going to provide you with some troubleshooting solutions which will help you in fixing the error code 5011 without creating unnecessary trouble for users.

Simple Solutions to Resolve Canon Printer Error Code 5011

Before beginning the process, we recommend you to follow the mention below steps in the correct manner to prevent trouble and save lots of time. Occasionally, these errors are more tricky and a much more time-consuming process. The process of fixing the Canon printer error code 5011 is quite simple and easily followed by the users. 

Step-1: Restart your Canon Printer

  1. Initially, detach the power cord from the power switch.
  2. Subsequently, wait for 10 minutes and again plug-in the power cable in the Power switch.
  3. Then, switch off the printer and carefully open the cover of the printer to change the ink cartridge available on the Canon printer.
  4. Once change, switch on the printer and again close the printer cover while the initializing is being done.
  5. Then, again turn off the printer and long press the ‘Power + Cancel’ tab simultaneously.
  6. You are require to press the power tab and slowly free the ‘Cancel’ tab.
  7. Click the ‘Cancel’ tab for minimum up to 4 times and ultimately, free both the tabs at the same time.

Step-2: If above mentioned solution didn’t worked, try following this solution

In this solution, you need to examine the piece of paper or foreign object in the printer ink cartridge. Carefully verify that what it is, no matter whether it is a small piece of paper or any other foreign object. If found, then carefully remove it from the printer device and examine that this will fix the error or not.

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In case if after following the above mentioned solutions, you are still facing Canon printer error code 5011, then simply get in touch with experts. Call Canon Customer Support Experts at Pcsolutione +44–1143602535 to get quick and instant assistance from professionals.

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