Are you unable to use the printing device due to Canon MX922 support code 6000? If Yes, then you must initially check the Line Feed. Lots of time, this type of printer errors only arises when there is a Line Feed problem. There are several reasons because of which you may confront this error; Your Line Feed may be scratched, or there might be small dust particles stuck in your Line Feed Drive or the defective Line Feed Sensor. If you have tried every feasible solution to get rid of this issue and still unable to resolve it, read the blog and troubleshoot the issue without any trouble.

Common reasons behind the occurrence of Canon MX922 support code 6000

  • Scratches in the Line Feed.
  • Multiple printing commands from the user can also lead to this error.
  • The Canon support code 6000 could also arise if the printing tray is not suitably seated.
  • This error code also arises when the dirt particles or paper bits enter the ‘Paper Feed’ cabinet.

An effective solution to Resolve Canon printer error code 6000

Go through the step by step solutions provided below in order to overcome this issue:

  • Firstly, unplug your Canon printer device with the power switch, and leave it in a similar mode for a few seconds
  • Then, plug the power cord into the power cord again to turn the Canon printer back on.
  • Now confirm that the paper tray is set properly. If it isn’t, then set it suitably.
  • If any item is stuck in the print path, take out the item carefully.
  • Now examine if a torn piece of paper is available in your Canon printer. If a single object or torn paper is inside, take them out easily.
  • Examine if any part of the printer is defective. Change the new one with the bad one.

If after going through the above steps if you still confront Canon MX922 support code 6000, then it is best to consult experts. Call Canon Customer Support professionals available at Pcsolutione so as to get best guidance to troubleshoot this issue effectively.